Being Halloween and all…

31 10 2008

one would think I’d post a photo of Kajsa’s first (with us, at least) Halloween costume. But, alas, I’m in Denver, for a meeting. So I’m leaving it up to Jim (hint, hint…) to dress her up in the costume we have for her. Given Jim’s “To-Do” list while I’m gone, I don’t expect much, but at least a photo of her in her outfit… you know, for those many scrapbooks I’m eventually going to get to. 

So, in case she doesn’t get in that costume, here are some photos from a little over a week ago: Kajsa as a Starbucks Barista. I was making dog treats for Abby and Little E, but mostly Little E, so he could have some on his long trip to Alaska. Kajsa of course wanted to help. How could I resist, when she has this neat Starbucks barista apron from a friend and her family.. 















for a recent photo of Kajsa,

29 10 2008

go to Steve’s blog.

I simply can’t keep up. I can’t keep up with all the photos I’m taking… or the thoughts I want to blog… or the stories about Kajsa I want to write about… or my emotions over Entropy moving back to Alaska after two years with us… or how great it was to be at Covenant Harbor for the Central Conference Ministers’ Retreat… or how fun it was to share Kajsa with colleagues at the Retreat… or how meaningful it was to have colleagues publicly thank God for the answer to prayer that Kajsa is… or did I mention how much we miss Entropy?… or the house… or how great the speakers were at Retreat… or organizing thoughts in my mind not to mention as they come out of my mouth, lately… or… anything else, quite frankly.

I don’t mean to complain, or say, “Woe is me… my life is so much busier than anybody else’s.” Not at all. I think much of the world feels overwhelmed and behind and tired and etc… I’m merely stating the obvious reality of my life right now.

So, thanks, Steve, for posting the photo, so I don’t have upload one right now!


22 10 2008

Kajsa’s Baptism

9 10 2008

Lots has gone on… as always I’m behind… We had lots of company this past weekend, our basement is torn up because of some drain-tile installation (to hopefully solve the water-in-the-basement problem)… and Kajsa was baptized. It was a beautiful day, touching, meaningful, fun to have people over even with a disastrous house…

and here are a few pictures. (Thanks to our nephew Fred Erickson for taking the photos.)