Being Halloween and all…

31 10 2008

one would think I’d post a photo of Kajsa’s first (with us, at least) Halloween costume. But, alas, I’m in Denver, for a meeting. So I’m leaving it up to Jim (hint, hint…) to dress her up in the costume we have for her. Given Jim’s “To-Do” list while I’m gone, I don’t expect much, but at least a photo of her in her outfit… you know, for those many scrapbooks I’m eventually going to get to. 

So, in case she doesn’t get in that costume, here are some photos from a little over a week ago: Kajsa as a Starbucks Barista. I was making dog treats for Abby and Little E, but mostly Little E, so he could have some on his long trip to Alaska. Kajsa of course wanted to help. How could I resist, when she has this neat Starbucks barista apron from a friend and her family.. 

















3 responses

1 11 2008

entropy and Jeff the driver really liked those treats! Kajsa, you are too cute.

1 11 2008

those pictures are too adorable…seriously!!!
and the apron just makes the picture…where do you get a mini-starbucks apron???

3 11 2008

What, no Starbucks mug for Kajsa yet?

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