Halloween photos

6 11 2008

Jim DID put Kajsa’s Halloween costume on last Friday.. and here are the photos, finally. dsc_06822

We bought this costume at a garage sale this past spring, even before we received Kajsa’s photo and info… so it’s fortunate that it fit. My sister sent another monkey outfit that she made for her son many years ago, but it didn’t quite fit.






5 responses

6 11 2008
Ann Britt

Adorable as usual! Glad that Ling Ling got to celebrate Halloween also.

7 11 2008

Now that is cuter than cute! 🙂

8 11 2008
Kathy Pedersen

Kajsa is absolutely adorable as your little monkey. How precious!

10 11 2008

Oh Cath and Jim…how cute is your daughter! It’s perfect for her, just perfect. I can’t stop looking at her. She seems like she’s got the best personality and is just the cutest little monkey I’ve ever seen. I wish I could just hold her, hug her and give her lots of kisses right now. I am so happy for you all. Love ya, Carol

11 11 2008

Cute kid, cute costume, great find! I like the 3rd picture where it really looks like Curious George sitting next to the candy (which is just where he would be!)

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