First Major Cold, Day 9

13 11 2008

Both of us. Kajsa and I, that is. Last week Jim was out of town for meetings,

waiting for food

and Kajsa and I both came down with a horrible cold that kept us house-bound for days.

At least the past couple of days we have been leaving the house and attending various other functions (don’t worry, I’m trying not to infect others). It’s good to get out of the house. It’s good to be better. It’s a bummer to still feel slightly under-the-weather. But welcome to winter, welcome to being around kids, welcome to having a weak immune system at the beginning of winter.

Such is life.

Kajsa, though sniffling like crazy, and clearly not feeling well.. still manages to enjoy life. The other night she took 6 steps –twice, and can stand on her own. She’s so proud of herself, it’s adorable. have fun. She’s still crawling around and over and into stuff (including Abby), and keeping us busy. The day before we both got sick, I hosted an informal “Watch the Election results on our small TV screen” party. A few friends came over, and one dog, Kaya. We miss Entropy like crazy. I miss him everyday. So it was good to have another dog in the house for the evening. This first photo is of the two dogs and Kajsa.

don't you love the hair?

The second photo is of Kajsa crawling on a lap-desk type thing. She loves it. I’ve discovered that when I’m sick, I don’t care so much what Kajsa crawls on, as long as nobody or nothing is in danger. And I also had not brushed Kajsa’s hair when this picture was taken–clearly!

And the third picture is just Kajsa being funny–wearing her winter hat inside (her choice) while still in her pajamas as well. She’s a riot. Such a blessing.

trying on the hat with pj's