Kajsa pictures

26 11 2008

from recent days. First haircut (bangs only), enjoying some Ben & Jerry’s ice-cream, sporting her Guatemala hat and dress (gifts from friends at church), and “ice-skating” with Jim at James Madison Park in Madison.. the park that has the coolest ice display ever, on cold days.








4 responses

26 11 2008

I can’t stand the fact that she is so cute and so far away! Really she is darling and already looks so much bigger than she did in July. Crazy how fast it all goes, huh?

26 11 2008
marla linton

Kajsa is adorable! I can’t beleive how big she is getting. Our days in China seem like a lifetime ago. Hope that we can all get together this summer for a short visit. I would love to see everyone again and see how much the girls have changed.

26 11 2008

You and Jim are truely blessed. Kajsa is a beautie, I esspecially like the pic w/hat.
I hope Kajsa will know how lucky she is to have the two of you as Mom and Dad.

3 12 2008

Okay so what is with the hair cut? I am so jealous. Claudia is a little more than bald..still…maybe this time next year she will be ready for a trim…Kajsa looks greart…beautiful….everyone keeps saying how lucky our abes are but I think we are the luck ones! Hopefully you all can make the reunion this summer I am planning on it….

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