“Re-entry” non-blogging

7 01 2009


just posting photos… Re-entry, ugh. We normally try to schedule in a day after returning from a trip, to adjust…. to unpack in an organized manner. To gather our thoughts before heading back to work, to the world of daily life with all its… reality. But this time we didn’t have that chance, so we’re still catching our breath. You all probably are, too. Re-entry. Ick. Ugh. I think I need a month-long re-entry cushion. Ha ha.

Anyhow, enjoy the pictures. One is at home in Madison…. the rest are in Vermont.








3 responses

8 01 2009

Kajsa appears in every picture and either a piano or bookshelf appear in all. What type of dog is that white one?

8 01 2009

oh cath…i love the pics. it’s good to see tessa. she’s so grown up. i’m sure you had a blast with kajsa and your family. she is absolutely the cutest thing. i miss you. thanx for the adorable christmas card. i hope we can talk one of these days. love you guys. give k a kiss and abster too. love, carol

13 01 2009

Wow. She gets cuter and sweeter by the day! It looks like you had a really nice Christmas and that the whole family truly loved and enjoyed Kajsa! Wish we could have been there too… 🙂

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