Moments like these

31 01 2009


I’d forgotten about the ballet dress-up outfit that Kajsa’s cousins Maddie and Erin had handed down to her. This past summer when they gave it to us, I thought it would be eons before Kajsa would fit into it. So I hung it in one of our downstairs closets. Then the other day it caught my eye. “She has grown qutie a bit lately” I though, “I’d better take it out for sometime soon…. when I have time to try it on her and let her play.”

When I brought the outfit upstairs, Kajsa pointed to it, and wanted to put it on. She touched the toule skirt, moving it in her hands a bit. Her eyes widened. She tapped bending-down1her chest, which can mean various things, but this time seemed to mean, “I want this on.” She did the sign for “more” and said her “moh”… which not only means, “More”, but “I want this.” And she pointed to the dress and said, “Dah”… her phrase for just about everything, it seems: “What is that?”, “coffee”… “there’s Abby”…”Please read me a book”, etc.. Frequently it also means, with a pointed finger, “I want this” or “that”.

Why not? Did I have time? Not really…Yes, I was home with Kajsa all day, but I also had a to-do list the size of Montana. But did I have time to not play with Kajsa either? No.

So, we put the ballet outfit on her. She loved it. This time her “dah”, combined with her dance1pointing towards the mirror meant “Show me what I look like with this cool thing on.” I lifted her up to the mirror. She grinned… smiled, then laughed. She rubbed her hands back and forth on the velvety top part of the dress, intrigued by the sequins as well. And she tapped the toule skirt, laughing at how it bounced a bit.

I set her down, and said, “Follow me.” I danced into the dining room, through the kitchen, and into the living room. Kajsa toddled after me, laughing at my ridiculous dancing. I put on some music…. and walked into the living room, and put on some music. And we danced. And danced. And laughed. And danced. And I twirled around to show her how it’s done. Kind of.  And she twirled around. Kind of. We danced through the dining room, living room, kitchen.. Kajsa occasionally pausing to press a button on some musical toy to hear more music. And it was pure joy. For me, at least. Watching her laughing so much, dancing in her adorable way, loving the ballet outfit. Impressed with herself.


Moments like these I never want to forget.




5 responses

31 01 2009

I love looking at these pictures and seeing your house with toys in every corner! You waited so long for this, that to do list will wait, and if some stuff doesn’t get done….

1 02 2009
Leanne & Peter

Wow! That girl can smile! And you are so smart to blog moments like these so you don’t forget them! So smart!!!!

Maddie and Erin are delighted Kajsa likes dress-up as much as they do and can’t wait to dress-up with her this summer. As Maddie exclaimed when she saw the pictures: “I didn’t know she grew up!” So Kajsa, be ready for lots of dress-up, dancing and playing this summer. You have no idea the can of worms you’ve opened here! 🙂

(PS) That last picture looks like she’s a muse for a Degas painting! 🙂

3 02 2009

Oh my goodness, Kath, your post brought tears to my eyes. Thank you for allowing us to share that special moment. You are so good at seizing the moment and making time with Kajsa a priority.

It was great seeing you this past weekend. I’m praying that you are all having a good week. God bless you.

Love, Marge

3 02 2009

As usual you have brought a smile to my face and heart Cathy by showing these adorable and precious pics of Kajsa and reading your blogs. I love looking at her and reading what you say about her and it’s a way I get to know a little more about her and who she is. : ) Oh Cathy…she is absolutely a precious little soul…give her a big hug for me and tell her I love her. love you too, Carol xox

25 02 2009

She’s adorable.


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