when the social worker visits…

31 01 2009

social-worker-visitKajsa plays. And makes a mess of things. And thoroughly enjoys herself. And fortunately the social worker wasn’t phased by Kajsa’s urge to move furniture and mess up the otherwise clean living room.



2 responses

1 02 2009
Leanne & Peter

Great picture! It’s amazing how pulling all the toys off the shelf is as much or more fun than the toys themselves! 🙂 I hope the social worker expressed the obvious – what an incredibly wonderful family you have!

10 02 2009
Jeanne Johnson

Our darling Sarah had a need to pull all of her toys out of the armoir, especially those with many pieces and dump them into one big pile. (We started checking the number of pieces before we bought anything.) I should have known this was prophetic. Her bedroom was always a mess, at times you could not even see the carpet and did not know where to step. It was several inches thick. One day I asked her to clean it up so I could vacuum and she asked “why?” I told her people usually vacuum their carpets. She was not convinced that we needed to do that.

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