the little girl who stopped by today

11 03 2009

It must be the jeans. Something about Kajsa today made me feel as though she had grown up into a little girl, instead of the toddler. dsc_0803I’m not in denial of the fact that the terrible twos could be just around the corner. It just seemed, today, that Kajsa had grown up a bit more. It could be that she was talking more, listening more (and less, at times), followed commands, actually tried to say “pleeeez” instead of only signing it…


or, it might be the jeans.

Just so you know,

I did not stage the photo of Kajsa reading to Abby. (yes, that’s Abby’s nose under the book Kajsa’s reading.)

Several times today she brought a book out of the toy area, and I asked her if she wanted to read a book.

Each time she pointed to where Abby was.


And she plopped herself down in front of Abby,

and began turning pages. So dang cute.

The book she is reading to Abby is “Hush”, a Thai lullaby book that her cousin Bennett gave her. It has different animals in it, and of course, we make the animal



The photo of Kajsa with her hand on her nose is her making the elephant noise and motion.

Kajsa loves her moose rocker now.

She used to be a bit afraid of it, and needed help getting up on it. Now she climbs on it by herself, and even gets moving a bit. And she loves posing for the camera–

what a surprise! Actually, she loves posing for the camera–when she feels like it. Sometimes she does not want to smile or pose for the camera! But today was a good camera day.



3 responses

11 03 2009

Hi Cath,
Kajsa is definitely changing day by day. Thanks for doing such a great job of allowing us to share in your journey. I’m so jealous that Luke and Chrissy got to see her before I did! Maybe some day…… I sent Kath Milbourn a copy of the picture of Kajsa in her red hat. She loved it.

By the way, I used your “Ashes Ashes We All Fall Down” devotional this week at staff meeting. Thanks for sharing that, too. The staff really enjoyed it.

Blessings to you!

Love, Marge

13 03 2009

I am glad Kajsa is no longer afraid of her moose rocker. It would make a trip to Alaska a bit harder if she had moose aversion.

15 03 2009
Leanne & Peter

Goodness – does she ever have the most beautiful smile – and that’s definitely not the jeans. 🙂

Leanne & Peter

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