Daily fun

15 10 2009

Kajsa, Orange

A few more fun pictures… I love this face. I love it when Kajsa lets me put her hair in a headband (I’m trying to grow her hair out), because I think it looks fantastic. And Kajsa loves the color orange, which is fun.

Kajsa also loves Gaiden’s crate. Gaiden is Jen’s puppy (almost a year old), and we were watching him last weekend. Kajsa spent a lot of time in his crate–of her own doing, let me add! we did NOT put her in there… She put herself in there.. she loved it. She methodically dragged toys, books, etc. into the crate, then would sit in there for a while, then took them back out… she loved it. It was pretty funny.

Kajsa is her daddy’s little girl in many ways, but one of them is that she loves to check the mail, and Jim frequently lets her keep a piece of “junk mail”… she takes her mail seriously, as you can see. The other day she was sitting in her chair, “reading” it… talking to herself, while her eyes ran up and down the page of this junk mail.

And the box… Once Gaiden had returned home, and the crate was gone, I got a box from the gargage, which Kajsa then spent a lot of time hanging out in as well.

Gaiden's Crate

Another quick story: the other day I had Sesame Street on for Kajsa. I realized, after a bit, that Kajsa had left the room, and I was still watching Sesame Street. I won’t say I was engrossed, but I was enjoying it. So I went to find Kajsa, and asked her, “Kajsa, are you watching Sesame Street–or not?” She immediately responded: “Not!”.

Reading Mail

pull hair back

Visiting with family

13 10 2009

Last weekend, Kajsa and I drove to Elgin, stayed at new friends’ home, with Annie, Jeff, Jordan, and Kristina.. (Beaner.. MY Bean!) Great time. Too short. Wish we saw all our families more often. Sigh. The third picture is Kajsa’s funny pout face she suddenly made, out of the blue… then, of course, because we all laughed, she kept it up.






our little girl

3 10 2009

is growing up.


Photo challenge, Kajsa as Vertical Line

2 10 2009

I’ve been trying to participate in a “Photo Challenge” group online. It’s a daily challenge, and I’m not able to participate everyday, but many days since I’ve joined I have taken a photo based on the theme. Yesterday’s theme was “Vertical Lines”, and I took this photo in Target. I like it.

Vertical Lines

If you’d like to see more of the photos from my “collection”, some have been showing up on my Flickr badge on the right… others you can see on my other blog that I started specifically for this challenge: photo challenge. If you want to see more photos from the group (I have no idea who the rest of these people are in the group–it’s simply a great way to view and take neat photos, with someone else organizing it all!), go here: And, if you want to challenge yourself and join the group, and have fun in the process, go here…to the Photo Challenge site.