Meow!!.. Halloween 2009

1 11 2009

First, a disclaimer: My good camera has been shipped to some location in this country, and is hopefully being fixed sooner than later. In the meantime, I’m using my old trusty Kodak, which apparently is no longer as trusty. So I’ve been quite frustrated. However, Halloween was still fun with a toddler, who loves saying “Meow”.

KajsaHalloween - 1On Friday, we went down to State Street, which had a kids’ trick-or-treating in and out of stores. It was quite nice. Yesterday we went to the mall, which also had trick-or-treating. Fun, but crazy and over-crowded, and a bit scary for Kajsa, but mostly fun.

Kajsa loves the cat costume. She wore it around the house this afternoon and evening as well. It was an easy costume–she had the pants, I bought the shirt, and bought the ears and tail. Easy, fun, successful Halloween.


KajsaHalloween - 4

KajsaHalloween - 5

2 Cats?

Abby and Kajsa



5 responses

2 11 2009

So cute! What is her favorite kind of candy?

3 11 2009

I’m so sorry we missed seeing her. She is SO cute.

4 11 2009

Hey guys, looks like Kajsa had a great time. Adorable! Hope you all are doing well. Not looking good for the Phillies. At least Brett Favre is having a great year.

6 11 2009
Leanne Rainbow

Great minds think alike! Maddie was giddy when she realized that she and her cousin were both black cats this Halloween! Kajsa looks great! Wish we could have given her a treat! 🙂

18 11 2009

Hey great photos she is looking so grown up – Claudia still sans hair..miss you!

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