“Really Really?”

17 01 2010

Really. This is one of Kajsa’s latest phrases. “Really, really?” to just about anything… we’re going to church now, we’re taking Abby outside, let’s go play with your blocks, let’s go eat lunch… frequently the response is, “Really really?”

Kajsa under table

Another Kajsa story: yesterday I saw her chewing oddly, stick her tongue out, and try to take something out of her mouth. She was holding a Kleenex in her other hand. “What are you eating?” I asked her. “my Kleenex.” She said. “Kleenex?” I asked… “why are you eating your Kleenex?”  Another pause..then… “Um… Abby eat paper!”

She keeps us laughing. And busy.

Kajsa and Jim at playground

On another topic, our backyard has been enjoyable. Our  yard (which is the church yard/church parsonage yard) backs up to a small wooded area, which backs up to two cool places: Stewart’s Bird Farm, and a photography studio that also houses some sheep. The bird farm also has farm animals. I thought the big birds we’ve seen were ostriches, but, as it turns out, they’re emus. Two emus. The emus have occasionally approached the fence when we’re walking with Abby, but never too close, and never appearing that interested. Abby has given the occasional protective growl, but mostly, they ignore each other.


But yesterday, Abby paid more attention.  I was a little ways off, with Kajsa, so we quickly approached the fence to see what was up. Abby was intent on watching the fence…. And on the other side, one emu (no sign of the second one) was pacing, growing nervous. I grabbed Abby’s leash, and she, Kajsa, and I cautiously approached within a few feet of the fence. (Did you really really expect anything less of me?!) I wondered what the emu was protecting, then I saw them… two gorgeous eggs! Have you ever seen one?

Emu Eggs

I’ve now seen two, and will post a photo. I ran back to the house, hollered for Jim to come out and grab my camera, so he could hold Abby back while I photographed… from as far back as I could so I wouldn’t make the emu more nervous.

the Daddy Emu (we think) sitting on the eggs



3 responses

18 01 2010

i never saw emu eggs before! beautiful!

18 01 2010

Hey, yes! Love Emu eggs. I see artists work on them and etch drawings on the surface!
What a fun backyard to have!
thanks for the stories… it helps us know how your new life is going!
— B. and J.

20 01 2010

She’s just so darned cute – really really! Enjoy Denver, all three of you – and keep our Zion guys out of trouble.

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