a tire, a bolt and the brakes…

29 01 2010

on our airplane.. took over an hour to fix, delaying our arrival in Minneapolis/St. Paul… tightening our connection time. One would think that given the hour plus time delay arriving at a connecting airport for many people on board, SOMEone SOMEwhere in the airport or on the airplane, or SOMEwhere… would have arranged for a gate to be ready.? Is that too much to ask? apparently.. because we sat on the tarmac in Mpls/St. Paul for 25 minutes waiting for a gate. Then we missed our connecting flight to Philadelphia, and are now at Jim’s parents’ house spending the night.

The funny thing is, they’re coming to Philly tomorrow to visit us!

A tire, a bolt, and the brakes… and a changed gate without a new available gate… means we missed our flight.



2 responses

30 01 2010
Jo Ann

It gives a whole new meaning to Kajsa’s “Really? Really?”

3 02 2010
Jeanne Johnson

So sorry you got caught up in Adam Rohler’s sermon lesson. He preached last week on chronos and kairos time. Then when he went to midwinter he had his own lesson as God tried to pull him out of the urgency of chronos time and into God’s reality of kairos time. He also had problems with his flights (his was windshield wipers in Erie going out). Then he got stuck in Detroit coming back. Finally after midnight they sent them to a hotel and they flew home the next day. He’s really nervous now, about having to live his sermons after he preached it. This past Sunday he preached on rejection, how Jesus’ own town rejected him and nearly threw him off a cliff. Yikes! I hope his week is going better than that.

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