rethink… then what?

19 02 2010

Here is yesterday’s Lent photo. I could hardly believe it, when I saw the words “Rethink” as part of a store’s advertisement. Admittedly, I didn’t stop and think or re-think it as I took the photo… I was in a hurry. Kind of. But later I reflected. We often borrow from each other–christians and non-christians… different churches and denominations….. I’ve seen a different denomination with the theme “Rethink Church”. Not a bad idea. Both the slogan and the concept.

Obviously, this ad at the store, is intended to bring people into the store. And obviously, as a pastor, I’m trying to welcome people into the church. But more than trying to be a slogan–which I like, at times–I’m hoping that this Lent will be different for us.. for me. I’m hoping that we will not only encourage people to come to church, but to rethink their/our intentions, our patterns, habits, and lifestyle. Which includes so much.

How does my daily life encourage or discourage growth in my faith? And what am I going to do about it, if anything?