Lenten disciplines…or whatever

20 02 2010

Whatever you call it.. whatever you don’t call it. Or them. Whatever we do –or don’t do–for Lenten disciplines, practices… I find these practices fun, exciting, engaging… at first. Then, it gets hard. Drudgery. Not yet, for me, although even this photo-a-day practice is already a bit hard for me. I’m taking the photo each day, but am already behind on posting them. (this is the photo for Friday). Regardless, I like the idea of a discipline. I like the practice of it, when I’m doing it. But keeping up when life keeps going at full speed is hard.

Like the swings in this photo… as much fun as it is to swing (and it is!), we have to leave the swings behind to get on with the rest of our to-do lists, and obligations. We can’t swing all day. I can get off of the swing, but when the swings keep moving, it’s so hard to not get back on them. At least it is for me.

Hopefully the Lenten practices will be less difficult for me. or hopefully, if they are difficult, I will still engage them despite their difficulties–not for the sake of practicing a disipline, but for the sake of growing closer to Christ. Granted, swings are likely a lot more fun than some Lenten practices. But these moving swings remind me of what I’m trying to experience this season.




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