2 03 2010

That’s what I’ve done–adapted. Adapted to the way things are in our new home. Not completely. I’m still eager to finish unpacking, organizing,

Monday, March 1st

de-cluttering, etc. There’s a lot to do. But it’s also become easy to adapt to the way things have settled. These pictures on the mantle, for instance. They drove me crazy seven weeks ago. But now, they look pretty good to me.

If they don’t to you, just stare at the picture everyday for seven weeks, then let me know what you think. The arrangement might grow on you. You just might adapt to the temporary arrangement of pictures that are eventually going to be up on walls. They ended up on the mantle just so we could have something to look at while deciding where pictures should go. I never intended to leave them here. But I’ve now adapated, and actually like them. At least tonight I do.

Lent reminds me of how quickly we adapt to the way things are. Even when they’re not supposed to be this way/that way. Especially our habits that distract us from following God. Not necessarily the obvious habits or actions that would make us all think twice. But I’m talking about the hard-to-notice, temporary, “just this once”, habits that we adapt to. They’re not super bad–they might even look good, arranged that way in our lives, if we live with them for seven weeks or more… or less. But they aren’t exactly helpful to our journeys of faith, they aren’t what the bigger picture needs to be.

What habits have we adapted to that we need to revisit? rearrange? revise? get rid of completely? How have our daily lives contributed to this adaptation?



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