Twister- Toddler Version

5 03 2010

Thanks to Jen S., I have this cool miniature “Twister” game. Kajsa loves it, and loves playing her own version of it. Yesterday, I was thinking about the correlations between Twister, and Lent.

Fri., March 5th

Both Kajsa’s version of Twister, and the normal version of Twister. Today, I can’t remember why I thought that. I’m sure I thought it was good, but now that’s escaped me. I think it had something to do with twisting around, falling, not getting our left or right hand, left or right foot on the correct color dots… and how playing it the normal way isn’t the toddler version.

But I can’t remember more than that.

Any great thoughts about how Twister makes us think of Lent?


5 03 2010

I did take this photo yesterday! But as I was writing this blog, I literally fell asleep. So here’s what I was writing.

Thurs., March 4th

What’s the connection between garbanzo beans and a clock? Easy: time. I don’t have enough of it–none of us do. At least that’s what we often say. Yet, repentance calls for a complete turning around. Not just blogging about it, talking about it, reading about it, and praying about it. Doing it. Repenting.. Turning around. It’s an action–ongoing, because our sin is ongoing.

I’d rather blog, talk, read, and pray about it. Because for me, part of my repentance this Lent needs to involve changing my sleeping (or non-sleeping) habits. I’d rather go to bed late than early. Which then affects my days and my nights and my family and my health (fatigue and fibromyalgia) and what I can and can’t do the next day. Like, eat healthier. It sounds dumb, but hear me out–when I’m more fatigued, I have less energy to intentionally eat healthy.

This is where the garbanzo beans come in. I could, technically, make hummus. It’s a fairly healthy Middle Eastern dip that could give more energy. Lasting energy. The hard part is, I’ve let myself get stuck in this vicious cycle of being too tired… going to bed too late… eating unhealthy foods… and not having the energy to jump out of the cycle and change my patterns. To turn around, repent..

So, here I go.. thinking about, blogging about, probably looking up a recipe about garbanzo beans/hummus.  Let’s hope I make the time to reTHINK my time and patterns by repenting, and reADJUSTING what I do.