what if?

8 03 2010

This is Saturday’s photo… I’m so behind. (I’ve been taking pictures, I just didn’t have the chance to write.) The rocks were to be used (and were used) in Sunday morning worship, as symbols of what we need to repent of…

Saturday, March 6th

and the idea was that we would have people bring them up front during a Confession of Sin, and lay them at the foot of the cross.

The Worship Planning Team at church (which I am part of) has thought up several different ideas for making Lent more creative,

reaching different senses, etc.. and the rocks were the creative element for yesterday. Great idea. And last Sunday after church, one of the WPT members bought the rocks and dropped them off. But on Saturday I panicked. The “what ifs” began… I forgot to get kids lined up to hand rocks out..oops. What if none of the kids wanted to help out when I asked them at the last minute on Sunday morning? What if we didn’t clean the rocks well enough, someone got rock dust on their hands and complained–would that kill creativity forever?… what if nobody brought their rocks forward?…what if people thought this was just too touchy-feeley?  what if? what if? what it?

Occasionally these “what if?” moments get the best of me, and I give up. Occasionally they get the best of me and I keep going. Occasionally I’m not really sure what happens… because things work out well in spite of me, in spite of circumstances, and in spite of panicky moments.

Then there are those times when I should have answered the “what if?” moments with a “yep… I should stop right now.”  But we’ll save that for another blog post. Maybe.




One response

8 03 2010
Jeff R

Guess what? There was no trouble getting kids to volunteer to hand out the rocks, and everybody in church participated and brought their rocks to the cross.

Great idea, and it worked just fine!

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