“Catch-Up”: Tuesday

18 03 2010

Philippians 3:4b-14

Pressing on.. I can’t say that I’m one who focuses a lot on “pressing on” for the sake of the heavenly prize in Jesus Christ. I don’t often think, “Ah… heaven. I can’t wait.” or “I’m pursuing the goal of resurrection from the dead.”

Tues., March 16th

Maybe, on some days–the days I think about the deaths of loved ones, the days I contemplate the future after death… maybe on those days. But mostly, I simply live. I do press on, in terms of moving forward. I do try to live my life as though Christ Jesus and his resurrection makes a difference. But what, exactly does that look like? For me, it includes working on those annoying habits that creep up on me. It includes working on not being so annoyed by the habits of others that jump out in front of me. It includes focusing on Christ Jesus and God and the Holy Spirit for guidance. And it includes a whole bunch of other ideas, actions, words, speech patterns, that are too many to list here. In this sense, “pressing on” is hard for me. I imagine that those who think about heavenly reward have a hard time as well. But for me, simply living today, as though Christ does make a difference in my life, is challenging. In this photo, my sister, nephew, their dog, and I were walking on the beach–and I photographed their shadows. Bennett was walking Tasha, their dog… Susie was walking Bennett’s bike, I was holding the bags of Bennett’s and my shell findings..  A stretch though it may be, we were straining, we were pressing on… and it was hard! walking through the sand. Hard, but worth it.

“Catch-Up”: Monday

18 03 2010

Light. light through tiny holes, light through funky and fun decorations. These stars are from Margarita’s, a restaurant in Keene, NH, that we ate at on Monday evening.

Mon., March 15th

The women clergy retreat at Pilgrim Pines brought light into my life in countless ways– including reconnecting with old friends, meeting new friends, laughing a lot, eating together, hearing stories, etc. But on Tuesday, the next morning, the light of this group of friends truly shone for me. I woke up a headache. It started out as a manageable one. or so I thought. It quickly became vicious, despite my efforts to ward it off. It was one of those really really bad ones. The women were incredible! It was one of those mornings when you know that people around you know what a headache feels like… they got a cold wet towel for my eyes; gave me a long, deep head and neck massage; went out to buy me seltzer water and excedrin migraine; made Plans A, B, and C for how to get me and my rental car to my destination that day… And then they accompanied me to parts of CT, making sure that I was ok. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you! Incredible.

so these lights in starts in a restaurant in Keene… make me think of the many lights shining through the actions of my many friends. Specifically these friends at the Retreat, but also all my friends. Thank you.

“Catch-Up” on Lent pix: Sunday..

18 03 2010

Isaiah 43:19: “… I will make a way in the wilderness and rivers in the desert…” Far from the original intention, I’m pretty sure…

Sun., March 14th

but I was tired, I was really really tired.. I was later than I wanted to be, on my way to Pilgrim Pines. The GPS was driving me nuts, and I was driving it nuts. I had to keep pulling over to turn on the light and look at my google map…. and then once I entered New Hampshire, I had to stop the car, turn the brights on, and read the signs, to make sure I was going the right direction. When I finally stopped at this signage, I thought I knew what it said, but just to make sure, I turned on the brights. Then took the picture. The way in the wilderness… the wilderness of a long day, a long drive, a long drive after a bad fibromyalgia flare-up that almost kept me home. And the welcome way in this wilderness, pointing me in the direction of Swanzey Lake, and Pilgrim Pines. Where I met up with my clergy women friends of the East Coast Conference.