“Catch-Up”: Friday…. anointing…?

20 03 2010


Originally uploaded by cathyse97.

Ok, so the funny thing is.. I took this photo thinking that Mary poured oil on Jesus’ feet… costly oil.. OIL..! Oops. Of course, she poured costly perfume on his feet! Hello. I knew that.
But, the photo is of oil. And since I didn’t realize until after midnight that I took the wrong photo, here it is, anyhow.
Some of these oils are expensive. Some aren’t. Some are used for cooking. Some are used rarely in cooking–only because the cooking that involves them is rarely done. But I think I understand the feeling of pouring something expensive out, perhaps wasting it.. on something like… oh, I don’t know… someone’s feet? It sounds wasteful. And yet, there’s another funny thing here. Jesus saw Mary’s act as worshipful, extravagantly worshipful. Mary anointed his feet…

Anointing is an act of consecration, setting apart.. or an act of faith that someone might be made well. Or the consecration of the chosen one.. The shepherd boy David, for instance, was anointed when chosen as the next king. Mary anointing Jesus–I’m thinking it was to express praise and thanksgiving towards The Holy One.

I might not choose to pour oil/perfume over what symbolizes Jesus Christ to me. But what else can I do to express praise and thanksgiving towards my Savior?




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