“Catch-Up”: Wed…do not remember

20 03 2010

do not remember

Originally uploaded by cathyse97.

Isaiah 43:18.. “Do not remember the former things, or consider the things of old…”
God is about to do a new thing. That’s verse 19. God’s doing a new thing.. that’s what I have been told time and time again. Not necessarily by God, but by others. And I have told it to others as well. Well-meaning, of course.. it’s all well-meaning. But when reality hits, it isn’t that helpful to one’s situations. Yet I also take comfort in these words, spoken through the prophet Isaiah so many years ago.
Not remembering is so hard. Impossible, sometimes. Impossible to forget the pain of the past, especially unresolved situations. But even in these times, when I let God speak to me, instead of only the well-meaning thoughts of others, I can see that God is working on doing a new thing in my life, in the lives of those I love… and God is always working in and through me to help me to not focus on what’s behind, but to focus on the new things ahead. (please note: I don’t mean to suggest that we never need to deal with the past. But rather that we deal with it with the help of God, so that we can move forward.)




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