22 03 2010


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Cornerstone. According to the, cornerstone is “the stone which lies at the corner of two walls, and unites them; the principal stone; especially, the stone which forms the corner of the foundation of an edifice; hence, that which is fundamental importance or indispensable.”

Psalm 118: 22 says, “The stone that the builders rejected has become the chief cornerstone.” The stone that the Psalmist refers to is Jesus Christ. And builders weren’t the only ones who rejected the stone. He was rejected by builders, farmers, religious authorities, lay authorities, those who think they’re authorities, those who think they have no authority, etc…

Many rejected Christ. Many continue to reject Christ. Regardless of profession–or age, gender, background, etc. Sometimes I’m part of that “many”. Sometimes I make choices that don’t reflect Christ as the cornerstone of my life. Sometimes I do. And sometimes I don’t make the choice, which results in the choice being made for me. My intentions are to reflect how fundamentally important Christ is in my life… but I sometimes need to revisit how that’s going.

pictures, part 2

22 03 2010

Kajsa's new easel


a "bridge" in the woods behind our house... and wearing her boots for the "gooey mud".

laughing with Daddy

playing with beans... pouring beans into her plastic cups and bowls, then pouring them back into the big bowl.

Kajsa-pictures, update, etc.

22 03 2010

It’s hard to believe how much Kajsa is talking, advancing, growing up.. then again it’s not that hard to believe. It’s natural. But watching it right before our eyes is so amazing. I commented to Jim the other day how much fun it is to have conversations with her. She frequently has something to say. She loves exploring, watching her favorite TV shows,

enjoying the outdoors

Dora, Diego, Handy Manny, Ni Hao Kai Lan), playing with dry beans, art stuff–anything to do with coloring and painting and paper… being in her “car” outside, pretending to be in “gooey mud”, swinging, reading reading reading, arranging her stuffed animals in a train, Hide-and-Seek… stickers… stickers… stickers. Wow does the girl love stickers.

A little funny story. The other day she walked up to me, put her finger up to her cheek as she does when she says, “right back”.. she said, “Mommy, I go to get gas for my car. I be right back.”

“Ok”, I said… “Where are you going to get gas?”

sitting in a box (that the toddler bed came in) to play Kajsa's "Match Game"..the Kajsa way.

“Uh” she paused. “Maine.”

“Maine?” I asked… “Why Maine?”

“Uh.. I go get gas. Right back.”

Then yesterday afternoon we were outside enjoying the nice weather. I was sitting on the driveway watching her. She was playing with her Little Tikes Car. She got out of the car, walked up to me and said, “Mommy.. I go to get gas for my car.”

having a "pickwick" outside with pudding... (picnic)

“Ok” I said, expecting a repeat trip to Maine… “Where are you going this time?”

“Two stations…” she said, carefully holding up two fingers. “I go two stations to get gas. Right back, Mommy.”

does tie-dye go with sparkly pink shoes?