More pictures

26 04 2010

hockey, hockey, and more hockey.. Kajsa loves hockey.

little gardener

little artist... enjoying the spring day

Snow Angels... not grass angels, but snow angels. She thinks snow angels are hysterical in the grass.

the fine spring day

I Love Baseball, I love pink... I love my new rain boots...!

Sometimes I can hardly stand it..

26 04 2010

how cute she is. And how funny. I wish I had the energy to write the stories, right now, but for now, photos will have to do. Enjoy.

Washing toys after the rummage sale

Twirly Dress

I love this picture...

carrying the hockey stick--in its bag. She carried it around much of the time we were outside playing that day.

We love spring! We love chalk, spray bottles with water, being outside in the spring... and, by the way, the chalk rainbows down the driveway were on request by Kajsa, but exectued by me, on rollerblades.


feeding the goats at Stewart's Bird Farm

Lily of the Valley--this ones for you, Joan!

someone to respect

19 04 2010

I could care less about golf. Really. Normally it bores me. But I am passionate about how professional athletes–and other public figures–act. And I’m always curious about how they spend their time outside of the limelight, and how their actions are examples–positive or negative–for those who look up to them.  Well, this story is about someone in the limelight, and his actions took place in the limelight. But still, it’s a great story, about an unknown golfer who could have won his first PGA tournament… but called a penalty on himself, and lost the tournament. Admirable. Worthy of respect. I like to read about this kind of honesty and truthfulness in public figures. I like to read and hear about this kind of honesty and truthfulness in non-public figures, too. It makes me think.  Check it out.

photos again

18 04 2010

Here are some more photos… obviously, we love this brown corduroy outfit! It’s a hand-me-down from friends, and Kajsa’s worn it twice in the past two weeks. So fun. It’s been cold lately, here in Harleysville. Brrr.. so tonight when Kajsa and I went out to play we had to bundle up. No photos of our hockey “game”, as I was on roller blades.. and didn’t want to risk dropping the camera.

Eating leftover ham, and sitting on Daddy's shoulders

on the way to church. I've posted a photo from the other direction--looking towards home from church. Now, looking from home towards church.

Easter Day: Dance

8 04 2010

Morning Dance

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Our favorite singing group–Lost & Found–has a song called “Dance”. It’s one of Jim’s favorite songs, about the ladies going to visit the tomb of Jesus: and the tomb is empty! Part of the lyrics are as follows: “At dawn as the walked sadly hanging their heads. They fell in reverence when the angel said, ‘Why do you look for the living with the dead?’Their mourning song turned to dancing instead.”

Mourning song turned to dancing. Imagine the joy, yet disbelief, at realizing what had happened.. that Jesus had risen, just as he said. Of course there would be disbelief at first, and shock, and all that stuff. But after that.. when they saw the risen Christ… what must have they thought? done? imagine the dancing!

Of course, life circumstances can distract us from the dancing joy. Life can get us down, it can discourage, depress, disappoint… obviously. We know this all too well. So we keep hoping, trying, reminding ourselves and others of the Easter Dance: that Christ is victorious, Christ is risen. Regardless of life’s circumstances, Christ is risen. We can dance… and we can keep hoping in this risen Savior.

way late posting: “Holy” Saturday

8 04 2010

“Holy” Saturday

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Is this what that Saturday before the resurrection was like–looks of confusion, people scattered all over, even the animals scattered, wondering what was going on…? And, as much as I love an Easter egg hung–and I do–missing the point of the whole thing? (Don’t get me wrong–I’m one who likes to do the egg hunts, as long as we don’t lose sight of the reason we celebrate Easter.)

I can only imagine the shock, grief, confusion, disappointment, and discombobulation felt on that Saturday… wondering what needed to happen next. How to go on? How to move forward? Where to look for meaning, for comfort…

Good Friday: It is finished…

6 04 2010

Good Friday: It is finished…

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I know, it’s after Easter. But I did take the photo on Good Friday–kind of. A bit after midnight, but still Good Friday in Chicago.

The photo is of everyone’s shoes in our mudroom. We waited on Friday… waited for my parents and younger sister, then waited for my oldest sister, brother-in-law, and nephew. Waiting around for company who has never been at your house before unsettles me. Until they all arrived, I wasn’t completely at peace. Once the door was locked, the guests were in their beds, and the lights began to be turned off… then I felt at peace. And the words “it is finished”… came to mind.

Jesus’ final pre-resurrection act on earth—dying on the cross, for us..–is a much greater act of love and sacrifice than waiting for company to safely arrive from their destinations. Yet I thought about it, when I saw this room and took the photo. it’s much more than hospitality, it’s much more than waiting… it’s the ultimate act of love that I can hardly even imagine.

And yet Christ did it.


1 04 2010


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I like Thursdays, generally speaking. When we were in NJ, it was our day off. When I was in seminary, it was the day that several friends would get together in someone’s apartment and watch TV: Friends, Seinfeld, ER… Now it’s also our day off together. Usually. Thursday is Thanksgiving. I’m sure a lot of good things have happened on Thursdays. I’m sure a lot of bad things have as well. I’m sure Thursdays, like the other six days give people mixed feelings.

Thursday, according to Christian tradition, was the day that Jesus shared bread and wine with his disciples. It was the day that he did the unthinkable and washed their feet.. or, at that point, what they thought was unthinkable. The next day they found out what was truly unthinkable. But Thursday… the day Jesus shared a meal, the day he gave them advice about how to love each other, how to be his disciples.. Thursday was a good day. And yet Thursday was the day that Jesus’ disciple Judas betrayed him… What a mixed bag of emotions–for all of them… Not just any Thursday.

her back

1 04 2010

her back

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Wednesday of Holy Week. the day before Maundy Thursday… one of today’s scriptures is Isaiah 50.. Verses 5 & 6 talks about the speaker’s back… not turning his back on God, but giving his back to those who sought to harm him. “The Lord GOD has opened my ear, and I was not rebellious, I did not turn backward. I gave my back to those who struck me, and my cheeks to those who pulled out the beard; I did not hide my face from insult and spitting.”

Life can disappoint. People can disappoint. Circumstances often stink. These facts can give us opportunities to turn our backs on God, to turn away from God because of our disappointments, our pain, our loss and grief, our continued sickness and stuff that simply does not go away. It can be tempting to say, “enough, God! If you’re not going to step in, then…..” then what? Then I’ll walk away from faith, from God, from trusting anybody else ever again.

But the writer in Isaiah speaks of not turning his back on God. Even in the midst of what seems like life-threatening relationship problems, he stayed on track with God. Instead, he gave his back to those who likely stabbed him in the back. those who were out to get him, it seems… “let them”, he seems to say.. “they can’t do much, because God is the one I’m going to trust, depend on, stick with.”

My hope is that Kajsa will have a strong back: that when life disappoints, instead of turning her back on God, she’ll trust even more in God. I don’t want her to have people who harm her… but it’s probably going to happen. If and when it happens, I pray that she will care, do what God calls her to do in the situation and then, continue walking with her face to God, and her back to the harmful behavior.

My prayer is that her back will help her to draw strength from God, throughout her life.