1 04 2010


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I like Thursdays, generally speaking. When we were in NJ, it was our day off. When I was in seminary, it was the day that several friends would get together in someone’s apartment and watch TV: Friends, Seinfeld, ER… Now it’s also our day off together. Usually. Thursday is Thanksgiving. I’m sure a lot of good things have happened on Thursdays. I’m sure a lot of bad things have as well. I’m sure Thursdays, like the other six days give people mixed feelings.

Thursday, according to Christian tradition, was the day that Jesus shared bread and wine with his disciples. It was the day that he did the unthinkable and washed their feet.. or, at that point, what they thought was unthinkable. The next day they found out what was truly unthinkable. But Thursday… the day Jesus shared a meal, the day he gave them advice about how to love each other, how to be his disciples.. Thursday was a good day. And yet Thursday was the day that Jesus’ disciple Judas betrayed him… What a mixed bag of emotions–for all of them… Not just any Thursday.




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