Good Friday: It is finished…

6 04 2010

Good Friday: It is finished…

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I know, it’s after Easter. But I did take the photo on Good Friday–kind of. A bit after midnight, but still Good Friday in Chicago.

The photo is of everyone’s shoes in our mudroom. We waited on Friday… waited for my parents and younger sister, then waited for my oldest sister, brother-in-law, and nephew. Waiting around for company who has never been at your house before unsettles me. Until they all arrived, I wasn’t completely at peace. Once the door was locked, the guests were in their beds, and the lights began to be turned off… then I felt at peace. And the words “it is finished”… came to mind.

Jesus’ final pre-resurrection act on earth—dying on the cross, for us..–is a much greater act of love and sacrifice than waiting for company to safely arrive from their destinations. Yet I thought about it, when I saw this room and took the photo. it’s much more than hospitality, it’s much more than waiting… it’s the ultimate act of love that I can hardly even imagine.

And yet Christ did it.