piñata = chaos, right?

22 09 2010

wrong. or, at least not always. Kajsa was invited to a “Princess Birthday Party” recently, and all the girls were asked (by the birthday girls) to wear a princess outfit over their clothes. To a park. It was a fantastic irony of princesses sliding down a metal slide, swinging, getting woodchips in their shoes, but looking pretty. Very fun, and Kajsa loved it.

The funniest moment of all for me was the piñata. First, I’d never seen a piñata with the strings, instead of a stick, or other object used to hit piñatas.

But second, once the candy came out… the princesses created their own little circle, taking their time to sort through the candy on the ground… It was so adorable.

the non-chaotic princess candy-pickup

After the princess party, we drove to the King of Prussia Mall for the Christ Covenant youth group’s fall kickoff–which included non-youth from church also. A mall hunt… some adults went in disguise, the youth wandered the mall looking for the “wanted” adults.. Jim and I were not in disguise. And neither was Kajsa, though she was in her princess outfit still. So she had fun running around the mall.

princess at the mall

don’t panic yet…

6 09 2010

but I actually sat in front of the sewing machine tonight, and made something. I know, I know… you didn’t see it coming… But don’t worry. It’s still me. But it’s me quite impressed with myself, if I do say so myself. I made this crayon roll in 2 hours and 15 minutes… Granted, it helps that I had the computer open in front of me the whole time, with this tutorial up on the screen. But still, pretty fun. Hopefully Kajsa agrees. If not, I got myself a nice crayon roll for the times when I color with Kajsa!

Here are the pictures….


the crayon roll--rolled out

the crayon roll--rolled up

how Kajsa stays busy… at times

3 09 2010

the cubby, the tree, the bubble wrap girl....

One of Kajsa’s favorite soundtracks these days is Veggie Tales... Veggie Tales anything, but we have one CD that we all know quite well now. It’s pretty funny. If you haven’t heard or seen Veggie Tales, look it up.. it’s quite silly and amusing.  But anyhow, there’s one song called “Busy”… and the lyrics are this: I’m busy, busy, dreadfully busy, You’ve no idea what I have to do. Busy, busy, shockingly busy Much, much too busy for you.”  I’m not sure which episode the song is from, but Kajsa loves it.. she walks around the house singing, “I’m busy, busy… shock-a-leeee BUSY… busy, busy, shock-a-leee busy…”

These pictures give a little glimpse into how she keeps “shock-a-leeee busy”… partially. She’s three, so of course this only represents about an hour, probably!

Bubble Wrap Fun

"my Ann-Britt towel"...

a Kajsa-rrito..

I can do it ALL mySELF

while working on sermon...

.... I had Kajsa "paint" the house, the chalk, anything she could paint with water....

August days

1 09 2010

Abby loves her sticks!

the "minture" horses --some of our animal neighbors

a bit scary, but also a fun picture...

Kajsa on rollerskates... Abby sees her stick

Abby tries to get Kajsa's stick

Abby tries even harder to get Kajsa's stick

Mommy distracts Abby.. Kajsa keeps the stick