August days

1 09 2010

Abby loves her sticks!

the "minture" horses --some of our animal neighbors

a bit scary, but also a fun picture...

Kajsa on rollerskates... Abby sees her stick

Abby tries to get Kajsa's stick

Abby tries even harder to get Kajsa's stick

Mommy distracts Abby.. Kajsa keeps the stick



6 responses

2 09 2010
Karen Miller

Great photos — will keep looking. Wow, Kajsa is getting to be so grown up.
Abby always needed a stick before she greeted me. Some things don’t change.

2 09 2010
Roy Matthewson

Your photos and stories about Kajsa are fantastic! Hard to figure out who the guy in the photos every now and then is, but I’m sure he’s a decent fellow, too. And Abby looks very happy.

2 09 2010

I love the one where Jim is throwing Kajsa up in the air!

2 09 2010

Sorry, I was logged in as Andrew’s Word Press name which was “TechClicker”. 🙂

3 09 2010

It is a joy to watch Kajsa grow,see how happy she is. I cannot believe that Abby does not have branches and leaves coming out of her body with all the sticks she has chewed and eaten over the years. Can’t wait for the next bunch of pictures. I am so very happy for you and Jim. Peace in

6 09 2010

That toss is incredible!!!! 🙂

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