31 10 2010

It only took me countless hours, on and off, but I finally finished the costume. Maybe next time I should actually try to figure out a pattern, and how to read a sewing pattern, instead of trying to do it all by myself. If I keep up with these sewing projects, I’ll have to eventually learn, because it will take less time.

Regardless, good thing the girl is dang cute.

Tonight we went trick-or-treating with friends–in their neighborhood. Lots of fun. We also visited a couple other friends at their homes–this afternoon and this evening.

"Clifford the Big Red Dog"

Family Photo... with Milo, a neighborhood cat (not our neighborhood)

Trick-or-Treating with friends

Rocking on…

17 10 2010

at a Lost & Found concert. Lots to catch up on, but since I just uploaded some fun pictures, and an adorable picture of Kajsa in the shirt I fashioned for her, I thought I’d just start with today. Jim, Kajsa, Lois, Charlotte and Dave and I went to Baltimore area for the concert. I know, a long way (2 and a half hours?) for a short concert.. but hey, it’s Michael and George… how can we not go?

The last time we saw them in concert, we asked if they have any kids shirts. They don’t. At least not little kids. So I took one of my old “Stein Auf” t-shirts that had some stains on it, and cut out the words, then sewed them onto a shirt of Kajsa’s. I love it.

You might want to panic now.


Michael and George, aka "Lost & Found"



Kajsa's 1st "Lost & Found" t-shirt



taking a picture of me taking a picture of her guitar hand stamp, from the concert....