31 10 2010

It only took me countless hours, on and off, but I finally finished the costume. Maybe next time I should actually try to figure out a pattern, and how to read a sewing pattern, instead of trying to do it all by myself. If I keep up with these sewing projects, I’ll have to eventually learn, because it will take less time.

Regardless, good thing the girl is dang cute.

Tonight we went trick-or-treating with friends–in their neighborhood. Lots of fun. We also visited a couple other friends at their homes–this afternoon and this evening.

"Clifford the Big Red Dog"

Family Photo... with Milo, a neighborhood cat (not our neighborhood)

Trick-or-Treating with friends



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31 10 2010
donna bechtel

she is adorable, cathy…..in her halloween outfit…..the orphans from Living Hope Orphanage in Beijing are in town this week, and being hosted by a family who live on Palm Beach Island, and the PB Day School. it is their first time going into the ocean and they don’t know how to swim….but the students coaxed them in …..and they were thrilled….of course, the water down here is a beautiful turquoise color.

they performed this morning in a church and we were all in tears….it was wonderful! but tonight, the house where they are staying is having a halloween party, so i’m sure they are wondering what this is all about!!

i know you’re just so grateful to God for His goodness in blessing your lives with precious Kajsa!!

31 10 2010
kris brown

So much fun!!! (Keep up the sewing – it isn’t that hard! Either is reading a pattern.
Love to my little “Clifford”

31 10 2010


31 10 2010

Ahh, excellent work with the costume.

1 11 2010
Jan Marcheski

Kajsa looks adorable and you did a great job with the costume!!! Let’s see, I may need a “mother of the bride” dress at some point in the next decade or so, so I’ll keep you in mind!

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