7 12 2010

Preparation. John the Baptist preached, “Prepare the way of the Lord” (or “for” the Lord, depending on your translation). Preparation often involves lots of work. In the case of this photo, someone came to church early, before bell practice, to set  up a few things in preparation for handbell practice.

Preparation... for bell practice

This is what I’m told—I neither attend bell practice, nor saw this person. But I enjoy the results of practice—by sitting on some Sunday mornings and hearing the bell music. Preparation… work… which also means commitment. Commitment to prepare. To practice. Or set up. Or take down. Or clean. Or… lots of verbs.

And often lots of work. Which is why preparing spiritually is often a challenge. The beginning is fun, before excitement wears off. As with many human relationships, our relationship with God –before, during, and after Advent—might begin with excitement, thinking of possibilities, and a willingness to do all sorts of things for the relationship. But when the exciting becomes more routine, it can get hard.

So during this season of Advent, what are we doing to prepare for celebrating the Christ child? What can we do to prepare for a new step in our relationships with God and Christ?




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8 12 2010

Thank Him

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