7-Steps to a School Snack

6 03 2011

It was Kajsa’s turn to be the leader at preschool again last week–which also means snack-provider. Though it was “Letter Y” week at preschool, I thought that in honor of Dr. Seuss’ birthday, I’d make “Cat in the Hat” hats.

red-hued gummy lifesavers

Step 1: as Jim heads to the store,

green gummy lifesavers

add these items to his list: gummy lifesavers, vanilla wafer cookies, and a tub of frosting.

Step 2: separate the red lifesavers from the greens, and hope that Leprachauns wear stove pipe hats).

Step 3: frost the vanilla wafers.

Carefully. (I’m sure there’s a better way to do this without getting frosting all over your fingers—I just don’t know what it is.)

Step 4: place red lifesaver on frosted vanilla wafer. Spread some frosting on lifesaver. Repeat twice. Add fourth lifesaver for top of hat.

hat #1

Step 5: Repeat with 4 lifesavers per wafer, until you have a tray of Cat in the Hat hats.

completed project

Very fun.

Until Step 6: Read the Preschool parents’ guide. I was looking up something else in the guide, fortunately, and decided to look at “Snacks”, just in case. Hmmmm. Should have looked at “Snacks” before Jim went to the store. Under “Snacks”, there is a list of what not to send. And in that list? “gummy candies”. oops.

what snacks to not send with your preschooler...

Oh well.

Step 7: Jim goes back to the grocery store and buys Yogurt snacks. “Y”.

And, the teachers were gracious enough to let us send the time-consuming hats home with kids.






(p.s. oops… I just noticed that I had put “9-steps” instead of 7… ah, well. .such is life these days.)




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