is God in their tummies?

11 03 2011

The other day Kajsa flustered me. Completely out of the blue, she asked something about God. I forget what the question was, but my answer was, “God is inside all of us.”

“What?” she asked…

“God is in all of us.. in our hearts” I said.

“Oh. That’s weird,” she said, running off to something else.

The next night she and I were watching “Mickey Mouse Clubhouse”, and again, out of the blue, Kajsa brought up God: “Is God in their tummies, too?”

“What?” I asked… 

“God. Is GOD inside THEIR tummies too?”

“Whose tummies?” I asked.

“Goofy, Mickey, Pluto!!! Is God inside their tummies?”

Oh dear. Do I tell her now that Goofy & Co. aren’t real? Nope. How could I do this without lying, and without crushing her….? I thought quickly, that hey, God created the creators of these wonderful characters… so.. I could cover. Maybe not the most theologically accurate decision, but hopefully not heresy. “Well, you mean their hearts? Is God in their hearts? Sure, God’s inside them, too.”

“Yeah”, she said.. “‘Cause there’s not enough God for all those tummies!”