Day 6: Tragedy and Hope

14 03 2011

map of hope

A family. A tragedy. An official day of mourning three lives. Unimaginable grief upon grief upon grief…

Another family. A tragedy of a different sort, because this family goes out of their way to condemn. Sad. This family threatens to disrupt the other family’s grief.

Enter social networking at its best. Enter the community from various parts of the local map in support of the grieving family. If needed, this group would provide a peaceful human shield against hate-filled distractions.

It wasn’t needed, fortunately. But we stuck around long enough to be sure it wasn’t needed.

I pray that the grieving family is able to continue their grief process in peace. I pray—hesitatingly, because it’s hard—for the other family who obviously needs to know the love of God. And I pray that those from various points on the map continue to gather for peaceful support of those in need.