Day 8: fresh eyes

16 03 2011

(I’m switching to this coming Sunday’s gospel lesson today—John 3:1-17.)

fresh eyes

The John 3:1-17 text includes the very famous verse 16. And it’s a great verse. With a fantastic, often-overlooked verse following it.  But today I’m thinking about birth, re-birth, being born again. Honestly, this part of the passage has never been my favorite. At some point in my life, the “born again” language became synonymous with super-conservative-strict-holier-than-thou Christianity. Apparently this feeling was pretty strong, though I can’t remember why. But I still cringe—the teeniest bit—when I hear it.

“Born again” doesn’t have to be a negative concept, however. It isn’t, for Jesus. Confusing? Perhaps. At least for Nicodemus and a lot of us. Probably because we’re so used to things the way they have always been. What we need is new, fresh eyes, and a fresh perspective. Toddler eyes, really. Toddlers approach life as something to be tackled everyday–with gusto! (ok… mostly.) Life is something to be observed and enjoyed with our full selves. If you’re in doubt, follow a toddler—and even a preschooler—around for a day. They see things so differently—which can be annoying when you’re trying to get them dressed for preschool on time, but can be absolute joy when you’re swinging as an adult.

Tomorrow morning when I wake up, I’m going to try and remember to approach the day with new eyes. We’ll see how it goes. Chances are, I’ll forget for the first hour, do well for the second, then get bogged down by hour #3. And in hour #4? Maybe I’ll go swing, and see what I can take in from up high on the swingset.


16 03 2011

This was not staged–at least not on my part. Obviously Kajsa did a little staging. I was shooting lots of pictures yesterday at the park we went to, trying to figure out some camera glitches… we were about to leave, and this was her last trip down the slide. I waited and waited and waited… she was taking forever, but I could see her boots. Unfortunately, my camera was glitching again at this point, so I didn’t get a good photo, but I clicked as she appeared, and this is how she was coming down the slide.