Day 13: conversation starters

23 03 2011

(based on John 4:5-42, the Gospel lesson for Sunday, March 27th)

Day 13: conversation starters

Monday evening (Day 13), several women and I ate dinner at the Elm City Brewery in Keene, NH. (I recommend the Blues Burger.) Sitting on each table was a glass bowl, holding Trivial Pursuit cards. Fun. I like that type of thing in restaurants. We didn’t need the cards, because we had plenty to talk about, but I can think of situations where a bowl of conversation starters might be handy.

In his encounter with the woman at the well, Jesus needed no Trivial Pursuit cards. In fact he never needed a conversation starter. Jesus used the common, everyday, ordinary objects and people to engage in conversation. Granted, it might be funny if he had pulled a few Trivial Pursuit (Palestine Edition) cards out of his pocket. But he had the well, and the water… he conversed with a woman about her story, both past and present.

In what ways can we follow Jesus’ example, and talk to people using the commonplace and everyday stuff? I’m not saying that Jesus would be against our using something like Trivial Pursuit cards—but I am saying that we don’t always need them. At times the tools are right there in front of us, to reach out to those around us.




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23 03 2011
Jo Ann

Great picture and great reflection!

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