Day 12: frost heaves

23 03 2011

Day 12: frost heaves

If only. If only there were more warnings about the frost heaves of life. You know, those thing that occur in winter-time, the places in the winter-worn roads that can potentially do great damage. The frost heaves on physical roads can do enough damage–especially when they come without warning. But the frost heaves of life do more damage to the psyche, to our spirits, to relationships, careers, health, etc…

It’s not often that when faced with a frost heave, I thank God for loving me anyhow. But after the fact I do. After the fact–days, months, maybe even years later–I am able to thank God for loving. for loving the world, for loving us, for loving me… for being present throughout the rough roads.

Frost heaves are almost a ridiculous analogy for what we experience in life. Really. But, given a road trip, winter roads, and night-time, this is the photo I took–and like. As I drove to Pilgrim Pines (in New Hampshire) on Sunday night, for the annual Clergy Women Retreat, I thought a lot about God’s love for us. For me. For the world. And I gave thanks for God’s presence in the light, and in the darkness. I give thanks for God’s presence on the smooth, and the rough roads. I give thanks for the love and support of God, and for God’s people, in my life.





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