Day 15: thirst

23 03 2011

Day 15: thirst

I was so thirsty this morning. I couldn’t figure out why I had to keep drinking water… and more water… and still more water. I couldn’t seem to quench my thirst.

“Man!” I said to Kajsa, “I am SO thirsty. I wonder why I’m so thirsty?” I didn’t expect her to answer, and frankly didn’t even think she was listening. But Kajsa quickly said, “I think maybe you didn’t drink anything when you ate your breakfast.”

Hmmm. Come to think of it, I hadn’t. Good observation, Kajsa.

On a normal day I drink water throughout the day. One of my three favorite cups is often partially filled with water and on the kitchen counter, so I can grab water as I’m passing through. There are times when I am more thirsty than other times—such as this morning. But mostly, my water-drinking is a “drink as much as you can throughout the day” approach, so I can stay hydrated.

I’d like to say that my spiritual water-drinking is the same approach—and on some days, it is. But on some days, it’s simply a “grab the water glass only when I’m super-thirsty” approach. How much more ready I am for the bad days, and the difficult situations, when I stay spiritually hydrated. When I return to the well of living water not only as desperately-needed, but throughout the day.

Help me, God, to keep turning to you, and the well of living water. All day long!




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