Day 17: craving clean

28 03 2011

craving clean

Cars crave clean. Yep. Don’t we all? Even though we may like some of our unhealthy habits and activities, when it comes down to it, I would argue that we all crave clean.

The Samaritan woman has received a bad reputation over the centuries of scholarly analysis. Worse than she deserves, I think. But clearly she had her issues—at least relationship issues. 5 husbands, a live-in-boyfriend, probably a social outcast. My guess would be that even though she continued getting into relationships with men, she likely craved clean.

Enter Jesus, thankfully. Enter Jesus who treated her with respect, even while revealing that he knew her story. Enter Jesus who offers to help us all get clean with no gimmicks, no empty promises. Thanks be to God!



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28 03 2011

Yesterday in church the pastor discussed the work of many Biblical Scholars who theorize that the Samaritan woman’s 5 husbands were possibly not husbands in the literal sense, but rather 5 of the various gods or idols that her people worshiped. I thought that was an interesting approach.

28 03 2011

I don’t know who it was… was it you, or Jim, or someone else?

The observation was that the prevailing view during Jesus’ time (and still today) is that dirt corrupts clean–a clean person who touches an unclean person becomes unclean… a clean car that touches a dirty road becomes dirty an din need of washing… However, Jesus reversed the process: whatever unclean thing that Jesus touched became clean–cleanliness flowed to uncleanliness. It’s like a clean car making the road the road less dirty–amazing.

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