Day 22: outside the lines

31 03 2011

outside the lines (coloring book pages from Fall '10)

As bad as I often feel for the Pharisees and their cluelessness mixed with fears and jealousy, today’s passage makes me want to throw my hands up at them and ask, Seriously? A man born blind….. blind his whole life. He can see today! Thanks to Jesus Christ, the man who colors outside the lines.

I like to color inside the lines as much as the next person. But there are times when a little coloring outside the lines is fun. And, there are times when coloring outside the lines is transformative. I wonder, then, what it would have taken for the Pharisees to see Jesus as the Messiah, and not as a threat… to see changed lives, and not only rule-breaking.

And, I wonder, how often have we, the church (the world-wide church) tried to limit the kingdom of God by criticizing those who color outside the lines?

Day 21: emu mud

31 03 2011




Dirt + warmer days awhile ago (not lately) + Mr. Emu walking by his fence = emu mud. Emu mud + _________ (fill in the blank)  doesn’t = much that I’m aware of. I could be wrong.

Dirt + Jesus’ spit + a man-born-blind = a life-altering event.

For a modern-day-paraphrase, try reading John 9:1-41 from The Message.