Day 23: Jesus the Ophthalmologist

1 04 2011

Jesus the Ophthalmologist



Jesus, the ophthalmologist. With mud and spit, with the power of God and the Holy Spirit, with a little bit of “so it’s the Sabbath? This man needs healing…”, Jesus creates vision for the man-born-blind. He doesn’t restore vision, as some vision centers do. He creates it, or changes it. The man-born-blind was probably accustomed to having sight described to him verbally. He was probably good at feeling objects to identify them. He had never experienced the physical sight you and I have. This would be a whole new vision, a physical ability to see what’s in front of him and even beyond.

Physical vision is a blessing. I am so used to it that I don’t appreciate it enough. When someone asks me to “look” I can turn my head and look. It’s pretty easy, as long as I am physically capable of seeing what I need to see.

Spiritual vision is a bit more challenging. It requires looking with more than our eyes. For spiritual vision, we need to be hanging out with God a bit more, paying attention to the nudging of the Holy Spirit, and listening. Listening to God speaking in ways we may not even imagine.

The man-born-blind believed in Jesus, the Son of Man. (John 9:35-38) We don’t know what happened to him after that, of course. But I hope that he continued learning from, believing in, and trusting in the one who gives vision to those who are blind—physically and spiritually.

And, I hope the same for all of us.




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