25 05 2011

from the Dentist Office Toybox

Kajsa got a plastic slinky from the dentist’s office toybox the other day. If you’ve ever played with a plastic slinky you know that in order for the slinky to work, you have to pull apart the coils–they’re kind of stuck together. (again, plastic slinky–not the real thing.)

Kajsa was so excited to show Jim her toys from the toybox, and showed him her slinky first.. “Look Daddy! A slinky!”

Then, as she tried to get her slinky to work, her excitement waned, and she said, “But Daddy…. my slinky doesn’t slink!”

wake up card

19 05 2011

Yes, it’s late. It’s after midnight. Clearly I need to go to bed earlier. Apparently Kajsa agrees. Today she made me this card–a “wake-up card”.

the wake up card

“A what?” I asked her…

“A wake up card. To help you wake up. And Mommy, I didn’t have any more ‘M’ stickers, so I had to use ‘N’. And I wrote ‘From Kajsa’.”

“Thank you, Kajsa… what’s a wake up card?”

“Oh. It’s a card to help you wake up more often.”

Ok.  I’m going to bed now. Hopefully my wake up card will help me wake up tomorrow.

Sunday pictures

12 05 2011

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If you’d like to see some bigger views of these pictures, check out the flickr set I have, called “Spring 2011”.

More to come.

photos by Kajsa

6 05 2011

Neither of the adults in this house told her what to take photos of, but lately I’m enjoying letting Kajsa use the small camera sometimes. Watching her keeps us laughing. Viewing the photos when we haven’t watched her take them makes us laugh even more sometimes. Or even just smile. Here are some smile-makers from a few days ago.

scissors lined up

Abby and Mommy

Abby and Mommy

"I love you....


Kajsa and Wilbur

4 05 2011

Click here to see an adorable photo of Kajsa and Wilbur, a very soft bunny who is looking for a home. Pawsibilities, an animal shelter close to where we live, is having a Spring 2011 fundraiser for the rest of this month. Don’t feel any pressure. But if you want, vote for Kajsa’s photo–or someone else’s photo–and make a donation to Pawsibilities.

The shelter has many many animals up for adoption, and they’re doing good work over there. If you live in the Harleysville area, and were just thinking to yourself, “Hey, I’d like to adopt a cat… or a bunny…” then stop by Pawsibilities!


three years ago yesterday

3 05 2011

we got our referral… for Kajsa!

Check out my post from three years ago…

Thank you, God. And thank you to all of you who supported us through the pain of the wait. I was sharing at a Bible Study last night about how painful that time was… those many years. And how several of you–you know who you are–were gifts to me, giving me the freedom to not pray, nor to feel guilty about the desire to not pray… that you were praying for and with us. Thank you.

Then, here’s Kajsa Ling this past weekend, on Cape Cod. She has her “bucket and shovel” in hand… two pieces of shells she found and then used to dig, dig, dig.

at Sesuit Harbor (Cape Cod)

more pictures

2 05 2011

Easter Sunday

more bubbles and water and chalk fun

Easter weekend pictures

2 05 2011

Kajsa and her cousin having fun Easter weekend…..

yes, there was something inside that egg that Abby wanted... a Reeses peanut butter cup