three years ago yesterday

3 05 2011

we got our referral… for Kajsa!

Check out my post from three years ago…

Thank you, God. And thank you to all of you who supported us through the pain of the wait. I was sharing at a Bible Study last night about how painful that time was… those many years. And how several of you–you know who you are–were gifts to me, giving me the freedom to not pray, nor to feel guilty about the desire to not pray… that you were praying for and with us. Thank you.

Then, here’s Kajsa Ling this past weekend, on Cape Cod. She has her “bucket and shovel” in hand… two pieces of shells she found and then used to dig, dig, dig.

at Sesuit Harbor (Cape Cod)




One response

8 05 2011

So, I followed your link here all the way back to your beginning blog and read about your journey to this point. Reading your previous Mother’s Day posts, and then seeing this picture brought me to tears. I hope we get to ask God together someday what the deal was with making you wait SO long! And I get that maybe it wasn’t God’s plan (as you said yourself). I agree with you that not every difficult situation is a “lesson from God” because thinking that way is not helpful.

However, I do think that God can use every single situation for good, and even though there was much hurt in your heart I want you to know one way God has used that time to help me. Now as I’m in my own time of waiting (for Dan’s job, and a home of our own, and more children which we can’t have because we have no room for them and our lease won’t allow more people to live in our apartment) your journey has helped me.

I don’t believe that there is any good reason you had to go through all that you did, but your journey, and your time of waiting, even your anger and frustration really spoke to me, and I rejoice with you today as you celebrate Mother’s Day. I’m so glad that you get to be on this side of an uphill battle, and I thank you for sharing all that you did on your way to get here.

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