spacing out

22 08 2011

A couple weeks ago I taught Kajsa the meaning of “spacing out”. She’s used the term occasionally, when she’s a bit tired–and when she’s actually spacing out.

At dinner one night last week, she was not eating her lasagna. She had been resisting taking one bite for several minutes, trying various delay tactics out. It was getting a bit frustrating, because dinner was dragging out. Finally she started staring out the window, and said, “I’m spacing out, Momma.”

“Well space back in, and take a bite of lasagna” I said.

She shook her head no and replied, “No. Once I space out, I don’t space back in.”

feeding the baby miniature horse behind our house


making shortbread

so I was going to post these last week…

22 08 2011

chalk art with friends

but didn’t.  oops.



at the 4-H Fair

crashed out at the fair

a new knitting method?

15 08 2011

The other night it must have been a blue moon: I was knitting again.

The last time I picked up my knitting, several months ago, Kajsa asked me if she could have this bag that I’m currently knitting. I said that was fine, assuming that I actually finish it one day.  So the other night when I picked it up again, she told me she was so happy that I was making this bag for her.

Then, out of the blue, she exclaimed, “What?! You’re knitting with yarn?”

Yes,  I said…What else would I knit with?
“Rocks. I knit with rocks. It’s a lot easier.”
It is?
“Yes. I’m making you a bag. Isn’t that great? We’re both making each other a bag. But the one I’m making is knitted with rocks!”