a new knitting method?

15 08 2011

The other night it must have been a blue moon: I was knitting again.

The last time I picked up my knitting, several months ago, Kajsa asked me if she could have this bag that I’m currently knitting. I said that was fine, assuming that I actually finish it one day.  So the other night when I picked it up again, she told me she was so happy that I was making this bag for her.

Then, out of the blue, she exclaimed, “What?! You’re knitting with yarn?”

Yes,  I said…What else would I knit with?
“Rocks. I knit with rocks. It’s a lot easier.”
It is?
“Yes. I’m making you a bag. Isn’t that great? We’re both making each other a bag. But the one I’m making is knitted with rocks!”




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