spacing out

22 08 2011

A couple weeks ago I taught Kajsa the meaning of “spacing out”. She’s used the term occasionally, when she’s a bit tired–and when she’s actually spacing out.

At dinner one night last week, she was not eating her lasagna. She had been resisting taking one bite for several minutes, trying various delay tactics out. It was getting a bit frustrating, because dinner was dragging out. Finally she started staring out the window, and said, “I’m spacing out, Momma.”

“Well space back in, and take a bite of lasagna” I said.

She shook her head no and replied, “No. Once I space out, I don’t space back in.”

feeding the baby miniature horse behind our house


making shortbread




3 responses

25 08 2011

Kajsa I space out too so it’s okay.

28 09 2011

Kajsa is so beautiful
She looks so happy
Spacing out…adorable

23 12 2011
Carol Lynn Beck

NO WAY!!! WAY!!! I love it!!! Life is good!!! A girl after my own heart! 🙂 miss you PC!!

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