29 09 2011

we built this city... with chalk and water

Mr. Peacock liked our city

other peacocks visiting our porch

box train

1st day of 4-yr-old preschool

I'm a Cowgirl... Yeee-Haaawwwww!

parenting tactics–and the result

29 09 2011

Kajsa’s four. Enough said.

At some point in the past couple weeks, I was having an especially frustrating day in the parenting department. It seemed like one of those days when a four-year-old wakes up and decides to make it her goal to do everything Mommy and Daddy don’t want her to do, and then throw in a bit more for kicks. Finally, I turned to her and tried a different tactic.

“Kajsa,” I said..”what IF… YOU were the Mommy and Daddy. And Daddy and I were the four-year-olds..” Her eyes got big. “And what IF we kept getting into trouble, we didn’t cooperate, we did all these things that annoyed you especially when you asked us to please not do them… And what if we kept saying, ‘I will cooperate, I promise. I will…’ What would you do to help us learn to cooperate a little more?”

She put her index finger on her chin and tapped it. Then about 20 seconds later she said, “I know! Follow me” and she took off. Uh-oh. I followed. She ran to the hallway, stopped, and with her fingers in the air she “drew” a large rectangle box. She talked to herself, whispering, “Ok.. and there’s a door. And you open the door and there are buttons.” And she made a sound as she pressed two buttons. “There!” she exclaimed, looking at me proudly.

“Great…. what is it?” I asked.

“A cooperation machine!” she said.

“A what?”

“A cooperation machine. See? You open the door, step inside… and you press a button. She “opened the door and stepped inside”, pressed a button, and then said, ”cooperate!” in an alien-like voice.