Happy Birthday, Abby!

7 11 2011

It’s her birthday. Abby’s 13 years old today. Hard to believe. Tonight after supper, Jim and Kajsa gave her a couple pieces of bologna, some bacon, and a special chicken-jerky treat we bought for her.

The photos are all from today–not necessarily birthday-related, just all from her birthday.

Licking out a cereal cup. Don't worry--dishes go in the dishwashing machine, after they go through the dog dishwasher!

Kajsa and I were playing "Blues Clues" game today, and Abby thought she should play too.

Though it appears that Abby is eating Kajsa's hand, she's not. Rather, she's eating the piece of bologna Kajsa's holding out for her.

Sam She Was… with green eggs and ham

1 11 2011

as in, from “Green Eggs and Ham”. I found these pictures, and got inspired. I make no claims to be anywhere near as good a costume-maker as that talented lady.. but Kajsa was darn cute as “Sam I Am” for Halloween.

Do you want Green Eggs and Ham? or maybe a pumpkin bucket?

a cold evening brought the pink boots and white scarf out.