Lent 1: facing renewal

6 03 2012

Facing renewal. This was our theme for the 1st Sunday of Lent, February 26th. Renewal means “to make like new.” This headboard and footboard pictured here are what is to be Kajsa’s new bed. New to her. It was given to us by someone who knew that we were looking for a bed for Kajsa. Though I liked the look of it “as is”, (darker maple-ish color) I also want it to match Kajsa’s room. So after some research about methods, prices, time-commitments, Jim and I decided to have someone else do the paint and varnish stripping part of the process. And it came back to us looking like this—I love it. We are likely going to paint it white, but I have to say, I like this look also.

facing renewal...

The renewal of a bed frame is simple, compared to the renewal of us humans and our hearts. The latter renewal also involves some stripping away. Stripping away the old stuff that doesn’t match who God wants us to be. Stripping away the obstacles that prevent us from following Christ. Even though we might be good “as is”, we are all a little bit in need of renewal. How is God renewing our hearts and minds this Lent?