the end of an era

30 05 2012

Today was Kajsa’s last official day of preschool. Tomorrow is the school program and picnic, at a local park. So we’ll see her friends and teachers again tomorrow. But today was the last day that we dropped our 4 year old off for preschool, picked her up from preschool, chatted with the other parents about this and that. I’ll miss these days! It’s hard to believe she’s going to Kindergarten next year, but it is that time.

waving goodbye to friends

It’s been a gift for us, that Kajsa’s preschool happens to be the church preschool. It’s also been a gift that we have such a short commute. Today after school, as we were all walking home, Kajsa wanted to stand with Jim and wave goodbye to all her friends, as they rode out of the church parking lot.

It’s the end of one era, and the beginning of another one.

Watch out, elementary school!

racing Daddy to where I was sitting

holding up some preschool artwork



One response

1 06 2012
Heather O

Did you hear there was a survey about parents feeling guilty about not saving every piece of artwork? Here are some more ideas for displaying, storing and making keepsakes from kids’ art:

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