24 06 2012

Long, but good day, so far. We woke up with the crack of dawn, and ate breakfast, then went for a swim before showers…headed down to the worship service… Kajsa LOVED being at “Covenant Kids” for the past few days, including today.  Great worship service, congratulations to all our colleagues ordained, transferred, commissioned…
After the service, we went upstairs to pack. After a bit, the hotel power went out. We were on the 11th floor. Seemed like things were under control, just a power outage. But about 10 minutes later, we heard a colleague knocking on doors, telling us that we needed to go downstairs because there was a small fire. We quickly gathered our essentials, and made our way down 11 fights of back, emergency stairs. Turned out to be a power outage that led to ventilation stopping in kitchen, which then let to lots of smoke. no biggie. But, we let them know that there was no alarm on the 11th floor. (Friends on other floors heard alarms).
Back upstairs to finish packing, then headed out. The long way. Our flight doesn’t leave until late tonight, so we took a little time and drove to Newport Beach. Ate at TK Burgers, walked on the fishing pier, saw a seal, a couple pelicans, a Covie, and now arrived at LAX.

Now, it’s time to let Kajsa run ,around. 


California Jumping

22 06 2012

a little fun, in California. We’re here for a meeting–actually, Jim’s here for this weekend’s meeting, I was here for my final duty on the Executive Committee of the Ministerium meeting on Thursday, and Kajsa’s enjoying hanging out, being part of the “Covenant Kids” programming… and, a little jumping.

More pictures at another point. But for now, here’s some fun.

In case you were thinking about it,

3 06 2012

don’t touch Kajsa’s hair–not today.

Do not touch my hair pleas

This afternoon she spent about 20 minutes putting every barrette she owns on her head–at least every barrette she can locate. She’s quite pleased with herself. After dancing around with her barrette-loaded-hair for a few minutes, she got to work crafting a sign which reads, “Do not touch my hair pleas.” She taped the sign to the front of her shirt… then somehow to the back of her shirt… then finally to her leg.

Barrettes R Us

“This way,” she explained to me, “nobody will touch my hair. Nobody. Not even my family. Unless a barrette falls. Then my family can help.”

So if you were thinking about touching Kajsa’s hair today, I’d wait until tomorrow, at least.